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Private :
In 1979, I met my wife. She was the granddaughter of the missionary Hermann Tötemeier,
who worked for the Rhenish Mission in Namibia
from 1927 until almost his retirement.
My father-in-law was the german Member of Parliament Hans-Günther Toetemeyer
(born in Keetmanshoop), who in 2004 was
Namibia Advisor to german Development Aid Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul.
His youngest brother Gottfried was until 1975 director of the Martin-Luther-High School in Okumbahe.

University :
After my time in the army in the eighties, I started studying geography in Cologne.
The country's focus on south african countries and Namibia was quickly set.

My final thesis at the University of Cologne had the topic :
"Structures and Perspectives of the Urban Housing Situation in Namibia"
and can be viewed in the National Archives of Namibia.

Professional :
During my studies and afterwards, I worked for the German Parliament and in the Federal
Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and here too my focus was on the southerly Africa.

After that, one of my job responsibilities was to prepare development aid professionals and
their families for their multiannual stay in Namibia. This included, 1994 for example, the last german
project manager of the ELCRN and later managing director of UEM in Wuppertal with his family.
That former educational institution is today part of the GIZ -
German Society for International Cooperation.

Unsalaried :
After my confirmation, I volunteered for several years at the YMCA in church youth work.

After my studies I came in 1991 through my native community to work in the
Namibia working group in the church circuit of Düsseldorf.
Since then I accompany our sisters and brothers in the church circuit Mariental in Namibia.

I represent Düsseldorf as a delegate at the VEM / UEM partnership conferences.
Together with J.L., I am leading the Namibia working group since 2017.

I am also since 1991 member of the German-Namibian Society.

Travels in southern Africa :
My first trip to southern Africa took place in 1983 and was a private round trip through
South Africa, because Prof. Dr. Gerhard Tötemeyer (the second eldest brother) had gotten
a job only in the Transkei because of his political views. Only with the transition to
independence, he was able to come back to Namibia and take over political offices here.

In 1985, I did a major field trip of six weeks and more than 13.000 km with students
through South Africa and then Namibia and
learned to love the country.

Since then, I've been in Namibia many times on business, privately or with a church mandate,
with stays from two weeks to three months in one go.

Last 2018 for the evaluation of the Solidarity Fund in September and
2019 for the ELCRN-Consultation and Bishops inauguration in October/November.
Then Corona stopped further visits.

I am reachable per mail
info @ WolfgangBaar . de
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